Our mission is to:

  • CREATE synergies between art, science and industry through Mixed Reality tools and interdisciplinary partnerships
  • SUPPORT steady development and activity of a creative production setting, allowing artists, technicians and content experts to collaboratively design, produce, install and promote interactive digital Mixed Reality content
  • ENABLE new perspectives on public space and its digital uses through artistic intervention and by using artistic views and methods of knowledge exchange during the development, creating new experience for everyone involved

The developed tools and content will be presented in form of 3 subproject topics and their best-practice examples:

META┬▓ + UNREAL - Focusing on multi-user and multimodal experiences and supporting artists in their digital visions, META2 + UNREAL continue a successful series of exhibitions and conferences organized by the NRW Forum.

DIGITAL URBAN EXPERIENCE - The interactive visualizations and moving images presented on kinetic displays and through projection mapping technology draws buildings and people into an abstract world of endless possiblities.

AUGMENTED HUMAN SOCIETY - The augmented humans are born through their digital extensions. They are perocupied with the dualities of real and virtual, local and global, online and offline and the utopian or dystopian reflections on the future of public space.

Photo credits: NRW Forum, tennagels Medientechnik, Hochschule D├╝sseldorf

MARTA is a 3-year project (04/2018 - 03/2021) funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy of NRW (EFRE).