The project "Walking on Sunshine" enables the user to explore large virtual worlds on foot in the open space, while the real weather is mapped onto the virtual environment.

When experiencing virtual outdoor environment in a closed space, all the atmospheric conditions - like wind, sun or rain – can be simulated. Consequentially, the real physical sensations are either very limited or completely left to our imagination. An experience of VR out in the open with a simultaneous integration of the real-time weather parameters into the virtual environment offers a whole next level of immersion! A mobile weather station implemented in the system enables the real-time calculation of the sun position, an approximation of the virtual shadow in relation to the real shadow, a coverage of the sun by clouds, the direction and strength of the wind and the intensity of the rain. For a free movement without the hassle of cables, the demonstrator integrates a VR backpack PC, while the objects in the virtual scene are aligned with the real physical environment.

“Walking on Sunshine” demonstrator was developed by Laurin Gerhardt as a student research project at Hochschule Düsseldorf (Team MIREVI) and adapted for the presentation during the Next Level festival 2018 at the NRW Forum in the framework of MARTA project.