"Dream Field" is a VR project developed in collaboration with Croatian artist Kata Mijatovic and based on her existing work "Dream archive", a web-site where visitors can write down and archive their dreams.

The project was realized as a central work of the exhibition "Between the Sky and the Earth" presented at the 55th Biennale di Venezia (Croatian Pavilion) in 2013. So far, more than 2000 dreams in different languages ​​have been collected in the Dream Archive.

With an intention to offer a new immersive interface for the "Dream Archive", Kata Mijatovic started the collaboration with MARTA project team. Since June 2018 we are developing together a VR environment where the collected dreams float in the endless gloomy field which can be freely experienced by the visitor.

"Dream Archive" asks questions on which we do not yet have the answers - why do people dream and what function does the unconscious have in building reality? Our civilization defines the psychic space of the unconscious only as a space of suppression. At the same time these "inner" spaces define us much more than we are ready to recognize. We sleep almost half of our lives in the subconscious, a fact that we - for whatever reason - do not want to address. And yet, the systems of mass control, such as political and media manipulation, can only be avoided while asleep - sometimes we are really "awakened" only in a dream. This makes the unconscious, especially in our dreams, one of the last oases in the world which can still oppose the "agreed" image of the world.

The VR version of the project will be publicly presented in November 2019.