... jointly creating aesthetic experiences using mixed reality technologies ...

WE CREATE ... synergies between art, science and industry through Mixed Reality technologies and interdisciplinary partnerships

WE SUPPORT ... the steady development and activity of a creative production setting, allowing artists, technicians, and content experts to collaboratively design, produce, install and promote interactive digital Mixed Reality content

WE ENABLE ... new perspectives on mixed reality art and culture and its digital uses through artistic intervention and by using artistic views, aesthetic experience design, smart mixed reality technologies and methods of knowledge exchange during the development, creating new experience for everyone involved.

"Mixed Reality and Visualization"
"HS Düsseldorf"

xMIREVI is part of the "Mixed Reality and Visualisation" team at HS Düsseldorf and conceives, designs and realises Mixed Reality Experiences for people working in the arts and culture. We work closely with people from creative disciplines to jointly create new forms of expression using interactive digital technologies. From time to time, we also produce aesthetic user experiences beyond artistic discourses.