Let's be honest: Corona has a firm grip on us, on research, development, but also on our art and cultural productions. With conferences, productions and festivals moving into the virtual, we are eagerly seeking ways to enter into deeper exchange, and to find new forms of interactions that also embrace the needs of arts and culture. The questions that arise not only from social distance but also from digitalization, the challenge of transferring the body, the art scene and commemorative culture into the digital, are discussed in the following contributions, which have all been created in our virtual 3D studio.


The SPUR.lab in Berlin explores narrative possibilities in the field of history and discusses the use of mixed reality for commemorative culture. We were invited to present our team and our projects and to exchange with the hosts of Filmuniversität Babelsberg as well as exciting invited guests. The event “IMMERSION and REFLEXION” is a cooperation of the projects SPUR.lab (site specific augmented storytelling lab) and Regional STARTS Centre. Under the overall direction of the Brandenburg Society for Culture and History, the collaborative project SPUR.lab explores the possibilities of digitally augmenting physical spaces in museums and memorial sites.

Guests: Charlotte Triebus, Chris Geiger, Ivana Druzetic

Digitalization in Corona Times

On the occasion of the lecture series “Digitalization in Corona Times”, Alain Bieber (Museum Kunstpalast) Chris Geiger, Ivana Druzetic and Charlotte Triebus were invited by the Centre for Digitalization and Digitality (HSD) to discuss the challenges posed to art and culture by the pandemic situation, digitization and digitalization.

This resulted in an exciting conversation with various perspectives presented by the speakers on interdisciplinary collaboration, art production in virtual environments and mixed reality as part of the transformation of the audience.

Guests: Alain Bieber, Charlotte Triebus, Chris Geiger, Ivana Druzetic

Virtual videowalk

Following the talk, but also provided as a separate link, we present a selection of current art and culture productions and collaborations with a virtual videowalk.

Hosts: Chris Geiger, Charlotte Triebus

Production Management 3D Studio: Mitja Säger, Joel Nordt